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    2010 marked the 50th anniversary of Buckeye Corvettes Inc. The rich history of the club is not without merit and has certainly come a long way since its inception in March of 1960. Fifty two years ago, three men had a dream, a clever sales plan, and the initiative to formulate a club of fellowship for Corvette lovers in the Canton, Ohio area.
     After discovering that several other Corvette clubs were established in the Northeastern Ohio area, Ewing Chevrolet’s Stan Ewing, his sales manager Ed Baines and Barney Crum came up with a plan in order to be known as the area’s “Corvette Dealer”. The idea to develop a club soon became a reality when their first meeting was held on March 9, 1960 in the truck garage housed in Ewing Chevrolet. Fifteen charter members were established that day.  In that first meeting, Ed Baines remembers, “enthusiasm was high, and the officers and club name were elected right away.”  With the faithful sponsorship of Ewing Chevrolet, the Buckeye Corvette Club took off, and while mostly friends and other acquaintances were invited to the first meeting, several others shared the enthusiasm and came to the second meeting.
    In those early years, the Buckeye Corvette Club held monthly meetings, corresponding by postcards and letters. The club met on the second Wednesday of every month a tradition that still continues today and participated in several activities including rallies, hill climbs, economy runs, and charity work. Early club member Lynn Stuhldreher designed the official club emblem with the official Corvette logo superimposed over an outline of the state of Ohio. In 1964, the club changed their name from Buckeye Corvette Club to Buckeye Corvettes, Inc, and also joined the National Council of Corvette Clubs, becoming a prominent club in the national organization.
    By the 1970s, the club had grown to 35 members and the solid roots of Buckeye Corvettes began to form.  Some members split from the club and formed two other area groups Hall of Fame Corvettes and Corvette Canton and the latter still exists today. Also during the 70s, the members of Buckeye Corvettes began their tradition of doing charity work for the Muscular Dystrophy and Spina Bifida Associations. The club hosted Halloween parties, Christmas parties, and other events for the children and adults affected by the condition.
    In 1980, the club celebrated their 20th anniversary membership continued to grow through the 80s to 80 members. The members enjoyed weekend getaways, overnight trips, dinner cruises, and visited museums, such as the Henry Ford Museum, in order to further strengthen the bonds between members. The 80s also brought another milestone for the club; Buckeye Corvettes began providing cars and drivers for both the National Pro Football Hall of Fame Community Parade and the Grand Parade.
    The mid-to-late-90s brought a membership explosion to the club, and they continued their national and community charity work. The increase in membership meant an increase in involvement with the club, and more members began to participate in the club’s activities like racing, hill climbs, rallies, parades, and social events. Buckeye Corvettes, Inc. stands strong today due to involved members, good leadership, and the steadfast sponsorship from the Ewing family. In a recent interview with Stan Ewing’s son Dave, he recalls Ewing Chevrolet “was always a proud sponsor of the club, with a mutual respect for the relationship” which lasted nearly fifty years and that “The Buckeye Corvette Club was always one of the top priorities of the Ewing family.”  After 93 years in business and 47 years of sponsoring Buckeye Corvettes, Ewing Chevrolet sadly closed their doors in 2007. Skip Blowers, owner of Skipco Auto Auction and a club member since 1974, stepped up to carry on the fine tradition of sponsorship duties to which the club was accustomed.
    Today, the club boasts 180 current members and remains committed to several activities within the Northeastern Ohio community. Members attend social events each month and compete in many competition events throughout the year. Corvettes from the club are pristinely displayed at local car shows, and several homecomings and parades, including the nationally televised Pro Football Hall of Fame Parade. The men and women of Buckeye Corvettes also regularly participate in philanthropic efforts, holding fundraisers for charities such as the National Kidney Foundation, as well as giving back to their community by donating their time and money to families in need.
-Stephanie Gallagher


72 Blue Corvette

Buckeye Corvette Club Meetings:
Second Wednesday of the month
7:30pm at

Skipco Auto Auction
700 Elm Ridge Av
Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614

Pictured below are three of the fifteen charter Buckeye Corvettes members

Ed Witherspoon (Seated Left), Earl Dow (Seated Right) & Bill Stahler (Standing)
                                   (deceased)                              (deceased)

Sports Car 72 Corvette

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